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Brotatoes and the meteorologist
  • Jordan: Hey there fellow brotato.
  • Me: How do you do this fine evening brotato?
  • Jordan: Just fantastic, brotato. How about you?
  • Me: Just wonderful indeed brotato. It is a wonderful evening wouldn't you say?
  • Jordan: Of course, brotato. Just magnificent.
  • Me: Brotato, a question, do you believe it shall rain once more as it did earlier this fine day?
  • Jordan: Indeed I do, Brotato. Maybe, It will rain harder next time.
  • Me: Brotato, I shall check what the meteorologists have to say about this revelation of the water droplets falling from the skies.
  • Me: BROTATO, THE WATERS OF THE SKIES ARE A'COMING FOR US. the chances of the sky waters are in the fiftieth percentile!

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